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Welcome to my technical blog. I created this blog to facilitate my ongoing research, by giving me a place to store useful research data. It also allows me to comment on various items as I work through their various implementations and determine suitability for my particular projects. Initially, my research was into Kalman filters; hence that is where the bulk of my commentary is located.

This blog is updated regularly, each time I run into something that is useful or substantive. While its format might not be ideal (since it grew to be more than anticipated), keep in mind that its main purpose is to allow me easy access to information that would otherwise be a pain to retrieve (not to mention difficult to integrate my comments into).

Major Categories

Ground Control System

Mapping & Synthetic Environment:
  • Use or adapt MAVLink (excellent variable length protocol)
  • Possibly replace SAE AS-4/ITU X.25 hash with AUTODIN
  • JAUS++ Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems in C++
  • OpenJAUS Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems in C
  • Introduction to the Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems
  • MIL-STD-2525B Tactical View Symbology Library
  • Borland C++ Builder 6.0 (older but rock-solid)
  • RX Library for C++ Builder (user interfaces)
  • Overbyte ICS UDP components
  • Abakus VCL graphical components (C++/Delphi)
  • TinyXML for parsing Google Earth KML files
  • Cairo 2D graphics library (X, Win, more)

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